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I blame myself
(yes me...me entirely)

for falling

your love


My poems
are at that difficult stage


I wandered lonely
in a crowd

despite a host

Butterfly in class
learns lessons along with kids.
Excellent student.

To sleep
perchance to...snore!

I can only dream

Always her fascination
with me



He was pretending
to be

Come Spring...

I paint my little room
all yellow

My Uncle’s
old blue van

gone to seed now

South of the buzzing
of a hairy bumble bee

North of the big dog’s bark

Plucked kisses
from her pretty mouth

as they flowered

There were three of us
that summer

you me &

Dónall Dempsey Biography

A selection of my poems can be heard along with Janice Windle's on... in case you are curious as to what voice adds to the poem on the page. It's your choice! http: //www.myspace.com/counterpointpoetry We call ourselves SHADOWS OF OUR FORMER SELVES A month ago I kissed a woman and we went to bed for a month....lost in the embrace of each other...unwilling to leave the sacred circumference of a cuddle. In this beloved space we wandered(in) and(out) of each other’s heads and shared the same heart. One and one is...one. Our pasts flew like tributaries into the present river of our big love. She ripped up my loneliness right in front of my eyes and I laughed as the wind scattered it in all directions. She replaced it (meticulously...mellifluously) with the ticking device of her love – her heart. My heart chimed right in...time becoming timelessness. Here I have come to live for ever if ever a forever there was. Her kiss is the simplest most direct route to happiness...her touch... transforms me and makes me the man I should have been all this time that I wasn’t. I climb inside her head and look out of her eyes at me and see myself as I am...a loved man. Well...loved...man! I blossom when her eyes smile at me and fall petal by petal in the presence of her absence. Her love is the only thing I have ever wanted and could ever desire. And so here I float above and beyond everything I have ever known...naked in the darkness...head thrown back in the ecstasy of my delight...being drawn ever further in... by the vortex of her... desire. Me... new born to this universe of her...floating in an endless ocean of her love. She draws me to her and paints me anew and I step forth from her canvas...still glistening with paint...as I come alive and take her hand...walk into the future that stretches before us and is ours...for the asking. Painting of Mr.Dempsey by Janice A. Windle Mr.Dempsey's heart tended tenderely by Janice A. Windle Janice A. Windle played by Janice A. Windle The part of Mr. Dempsey played by Mr. D.G.O.D. Dempsey The lovers played respectedly by Janice A. Windle and by Donal Dempsey. The poems played by themselves. No poems were harmed or injured in the making of this love. ****** Donall of the Dempseys does what the words tell him. They hold him hostage in a page yet to be written. They demand that a million poems be left in a hollow tree in Central Park. So far he has only got 2065 and was to go to New York at Christmas…so maybe…perhaps. Perhaps not. The words say no harm will come to him if all their demands are met by High Noon in Casblanca. The words(we are desperate people) have cut off a piece of his mind which they have given to the police to show they are serious. Time it would appear is running out on him. Jan is going out of her mind with worry. “He hasn’t got that much brains in the first place...is this my best side? ” she pleads. Stop this mindless violence and return the human at once the police request but the words aren’t saying anything. The rest is silence.)

The Best Poem Of Dónall Dempsey

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Blameless

I blame myself
(yes me...me entirely)

for falling
in love

with you
(what else could I do?)

It wasn't as if
I had a choice

I just went and fell
blatantly in love with you

a second thought

for myself.

Could have got
badly mauled

or given everything
(and got nothing at all)

but then
the blame

entirely on you

for falling in love with
...me too!

Dónall Dempsey Comments

Martin Swords 25 August 2008

Ireland in its hour of need could do with yet another blinkin' winker! Back with a few new pieces, talk later. Slan agus Beannacht

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Scarlett Treat 03 December 2007

If a man can get to heaven, just by having the kindest, most loving heart in the world, then my dearest friend, Donall Donall (the double dip Irishman!) has it made. His very soul is just pure, shining love, and his poetry reflects his warm heart. Love poetry will never be the same, because of his unusual outlook on life and love, but WOW, is he one awesome writer! You bet! !

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Onelia Avelar 27 April 2008

An Eccentric Love Pilgrim on a long journey, composing wonderful poems...

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Frankie Stones 24 August 2007

A very nice and kind hearted man. He gives people a chance even when you feel like you have no where else to turn. Has writen some truely amazing poems. He made me smile even when i was in deep despair. He was the light behind the big thick black cloud. all in all a great man. hope to keep in contact with him. Take Care Love Frankie

4 2 Reply
Lee Wilson 01 September 2007

734 poems. Crikey. I didn't know you'd been so busy. I have 60, that cause me limited squirming. myspace.com/youvegotaneyelash

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Shakeya Johnson 25 January 2018

Your ugly

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Fabrizio Frosini 01 August 2015

poesia interessante, Dónall, a tratti umoristica, a tratti satira, a tratti dramma.. sempre intelligente - sangue irlandese non mente.. ;) Grazie per averla condivisa interesting poetry, Dónall, sometimes humorous, sometimes satirical poetry, sometimes drama, always clever poetry - Irish blood doesn't lie.. ;) Thanks for sharing greetings from Tuscany

4 2 Reply
James Mclain 13 December 2009

'Your'..poems.. are all that..she.. said they would be.. and more....iip

4 3 Reply
Ruth Walters 24 November 2009

Donall thankyou so much for all your poems! They are treasures, one and all and their author a rare and gifted soul. Ruthie: -)

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Janice Windle 09 September 2008

Dónall is the answer to a prayer I never offered up, maiden or not, and he has given reality to dreams that I never knew I'd had. He is poetry personified and his work is as passionate, sincere imaginative and honest as he is himself. I love him.

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