' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Huh! Poems! (For Onelia) Poem by Dónall Dempsey

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Huh! Poems! (For Onelia)

Rating: 2.8

My poems
are at that difficult stage


They sit around in my mind
all day

doing nothing except
lying there.

I remember
when I gave birth to them

they were so

now they are just so

scoffing biscuits
over the computer

so the crumbs
get stuck between the words

leaving their dirty

scattered all over the sofa

borrowing my similes
without telling me

corrupting words
too young to know better.

I long for them
to leave home

go find a book
of their own

live in a little
poetry magazine

or the tip of
somebody’s tongue.

Instead they go
to all night raves

stagger home

their adjectives
all wide-eyed

their nouns

(I just hate it)

misquoting themselves

or thinking
they were written

by someone more

“We wish we were
Onelia’s babies! ”
They scream & holler!

“Well...you ain’t! ”
I scream back at them
screaming back at me.

So now I have left
my brain

upon the coffee table
with the dirty magazines.

They’re welcome
to it.

“I’ve given up
the ghost! ”

“You’ll be back! ”
they boast.

“Don’t you use that
easy rhyme on me! ”

I laugh at them
floundering now

not knowing where
the next line is...

...coming from.

Huh! Poems...who’d have them!

Onelia Avelar 31 August 2009

Ha ha, this is a perfect response to the subject: publishing a book. It's a wonderful, playful and a bit sad, even not a bit, bitter sad, although very entertaining sweet piece of poetry. Thank you for your unique response to my question. (I still do hope your poems will find their book and will settle down there and live happily together) I long for them to leave home go find a book of their own live in a little poetry magazine or the tip of somebody’s tongue.

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Haidee Majola 16 July 2018

An original take on poem. Very creative.10+

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Patricia Clark 21 February 2015

oh my gosh, i love this poem, great imagery

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Sandra Feldman 18 January 2015

Too great to even comment on. I laughed, I cried and then kicked myself for not being able to write anything like this. Well, at least I read it and loved it, crumbs but participating in the whole loaf anyway.

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Onelia Avelar 30 August 2012

I enjoy the image of the poems in a difficult age - teenagers so annoying doing nothing... just love it! ! and thank you Sir...

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Original Unknown Girl 08 September 2009

Ha ha.... this is superb! I love your imagination.... it's the best! ! ! HG: -) xx

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Dónall Dempsey

Dónall Dempsey

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