' ' ' ' Daddy(For My Dad) Poem by Dónall Dempsey

' ' ' ' Daddy(For My Dad)

Rating: 2.8

your love

around me

tangible & intangible

as when
becomes music.

As a child
they asked me

what I wanted
to be

when I grew up

and I ran through
all the obvious choices

a cowboy man
a doctor man
a spy man
a hero man
an astronaut man

but there was
always only

one choice.

I wanted to be

So I blurted out
my child's answer:

'A Daddy! '

The adults laughed
not knowing how serious
I was.

I wanted to be
the Daddy
my Dad was.

I wanted to love someone
as much as
he loved me.

I still feel
my 7 year old hand in his

as the camera clicks
and captures our smiles.

Me beaming bursting with pride!

'This is my Dad! This is my Dad! '

his love

around me

tangible & intangible

as when




Scarlett Treat 19 June 2007

This truly reached the depth of my heart, and filled it with love, both for 'Daddy, ' and the little boy who loved him...and loves him still, no matter what!

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Sarah Shahzad 21 December 2019

simply beautiful & nicely composed, like it.. keep it up..

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Ramesh Rai 25 August 2014

Love of a daddy is always selfless. His sacrifice does not keep any count.A very touching write.

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Hazel Durham 27 June 2014

Original, with such love for your Dad so beautifully expressed in such a touching and moving way! ! Superb write! !

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Elaine Craig 18 July 2007

very touching. Lets me see how it should have been. thanks.

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Gina Pisapia 13 July 2007

This is one of the most beautiful expressions of love for a Dad that I have come across. You must really love him! The opening and closing with trying to describe...to explain what can't be explained is perfect...we all know and are touched by music... it just exists...is just there...invisible yet so inherently visible. This poem is so touching. I love all the ordinary choices...esp. of being a hero-man. I think your Dad was your hero. I also love the fact that you were so aware of how lovely and loving he was and you wanted to make someone else feel as special as your Dad made you feel. What a great way of acknowledging his love. A beautiful beautiful poem that says it all for everyone but in a way unique to you. I'm glad I know your Dad through your lovely words and even I feel loved just by being in contact with them. You Dad did a good job. You have become the lovely man your Dad is!

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Dónall Dempsey

Dónall Dempsey

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