When We Meet Again Poem by Randy McClave

When We Meet Again

We will meet once again
And only God will know exactly when,
The time and the place, we will meet face to face
Wearing either a grimace or a grin.

We will then reflect about our past
With the memories that we have amassed,
We might feel weak, when reflect and speak
About us, when asked.

I promise that I will look at you with a smile
Because, there will be no hate or guile,
I will hope that you are doing well, wherever that you dwell
And I will hope to speak with you for awhile.

I will forgive you as I know I should
And of our life I will only remember only the good,
I will reminisce with glee, and how happy that you made me
Because, only then you could.

I will happily ask you about your life
Asking if ever made a man happy by becoming his wife,
And do you have a happy thought, from dreams that you caught
And I hope that there was no strife.

I hope that you know that I forgave
And unto hate and revenge and hurt I am not a slave,
I always wished you the best, every night I prayed for your every quest
Your happiness I promise I always did crave.

Then of course one day we will stand in front God
No longer will we be wearing a facade,
I will be happy again that we met, there will be no regret
Then unto you I will stand and smile and applaud.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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