When We Meet In Our Dreams Poem by Kevin Jones

When We Meet In Our Dreams

We met in a reality made of pixels and colour, There we found a place unlike any other, We played until the morning light, all the time playing a different more beautiful game, when meet in our dreams.

Separated by distance, and by pandemic kept apart, yet so close we could feel each other's heart, During the day the distance may seem far, during the night our souls will be together, when meet in our dreams.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, And you are the home of my heart, we share  recipes and cook each other's dishes, We long to taste the each other's treats, tonight our treat will be, when we meet in our dreams.

By a river or a lake we walk and talk, showing each other all the little wonders we find. Only not to the behold the wonder of walking by your side holding your hand. But we never let each other go, when we meet in our dreams.

Sharing the same love for plants, You sent me seeds to make my garden beautiful, We cannot for now enjoy it together. But we go somewhere even more beautiful, when we meet in our dreams.

Having a drink, watching a movie, talking for timeless hours, time seems to go so fast, every second is a priceless moment. I listen to you fall softly asleep, now I come and spend forever with you, when we meet in our dreams.

We talk of a holiday snuggled under the stars watching the aurora, snuggled in a glass igloo, embraced in each other's aura's, we will soon be gazing at the stars in each other's eyes,  when we meet in our dreams.

I showed you a rock and you become my diamond, you sent me a crystal and made my heart shine like gold, i want to put on your finger a diamond set in gold, but I can only go on one knee, when we meet in our dreams.

We would say the chances of two people meeting with so much in common, Maybe its written in the stars, or the universe itself brought us together, we are each other's universe, when we meet in our dreams.

I hope all our dreams, thoughts and ideas come true, I have never met anyone as beautiful and truly wonderful as you, once more for tonight though I will love you with all I am, when we meet in out dreams.

When We Meet In Our Dreams
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