When You See These Flowers Poem by Michael Eziudo

When You See These Flowers

When you see them
Tell them enmity does not fan the coal or oil the lamp
Tell them love soars on games not as the chameleon plays
Tell them a faithful man is a man of patience that watches the mouse run around the corners of the four walls and rests when it's tired
Tell them that self inflicted anger is the cancer that kills its host
Tell them the oil that greases love is plainness and mutual understanding

When you see them
Tell them that tomorrow would have been lovely had their eyes not gone in search displaying insincerity
Tell them the butterfly had beaten impossibility and built a stable haven for the flower to display it's magnificence and splendour
Tell them the talks agreed upon was in the coldroom awaiting approval
Tell them a cake was baked for them
Oh-the bell would have sounded so right

When they then see you
Tell them the butterfly is still where it stood waiting for the flower that buzzed off
Tell them that disconnection has not ended life
That the journey of life can be sweeter without them
That the games they played was a grave dug in wait for them
That their types never reap stability no matter how hard they try until they shed off the chameleon's shell that they glued put to their body and makes them have offensive odour that announces their presence and repels ready steady pillars

Tell them the wealth they seek is with those who do not bother to flaunt it
And that a quick foot often hits the stone
And they missed the mark with just a little trial and of course, their complexion glowed the more showing who they really were - gold diggers

Tell them building together is better than being bought as a good with a worthless value
And offers no importance
And the search for it is without end and soon it becomes bread that turns stones in the mouth

Tell them tomorrow is not far and seeing them is just a finger snap
Tell them they have won today and swept me off but tomorrow I'll have the brooms and the compounds
And even the food and the water and the register shall be on my desk

Tell them above all that my heart yarns for them
Tell them if I rendered any help and friendship it was less than my love could offer and as long as my hands could stretch
Tell them I had done them no offence that heaven bears me witness and posterity will testify
But they hurt me
Tell them if they rather feel any guilt that my heart is trained to let go
But putting me off like you put off a raging fire is not the way to wipe our tears or quench the angers

If you see them now or tomorrow
Tell them love is learnt but only prospers on a platter of agreement
Please tell them this and don't lose a word

Michael Eziudo 03 May 2017

Thank you sir. I am very grateful and I'll keep following to learn more from you

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Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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