Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

Where Brain Leads Humanity Follows - Poem by Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

awareness examine
perceived physical reality
as went earth shaman
so will go eventually
earth science sciences

as went earth shaman
and interdimensional beings
both know what science
is merely recently birth pain
learning – there is no physical

solid reality it is illusion
physical density is merely
the mask all living entities
are evolving patterns of energy
90% empty space humanity

was not created at birth expires
at death we soul transcend pass
through differing thought fields
life fields our body but a vessel
which contains evoling mind soul

humans are using effectively barely
10% of our genetic switched off code?
when we learn to believe to harness
potential untangle DNA unlock keys
we shall slide through dimensional doors

Myth was propogated in ancient 1890s
that we use only 10% of our brains
but in reality if this were true then
slight damage to any part of our brain
would not have major repercussions...

do the math brain represents three percent
of our body's weight yet uses 20 percent
of all body's energy heavy hitting density
small wonder our brain is in driving seat
directs all actions coordinations feelings...

behaviors experiences human feelings
controls rest in mind habits taught rules?
our brain is the repository of our memory
within mysteries brain is self-awareness
brain retains remains a mystery unto itself?

who masters their brains
who is feelings driven?
it is not that we use 10
percent of our brains
it is we only understand

about presently 10 percent
of how our brain functions?
why simply at rest thinking
we might still be only using
10 percent of our brains?

perceive realize even in sleep areas
such as our important frontal cortex
which controls higher level thinking
self-awareness somatosensory areas
which help us sense our surroundings

are active because our brain never sleeps
yes it is true at any given moment not
all our brain's regions are concurrently
firing our brain has rotational resting
researchers using imaging technology

have proven like our body's muscles
most brain regions are active continually
over a 24-hour period evidence has
shown over an entire day you use
all 100 percent of your amazing brain

ask question of what is brain composed?
how is process working brain organized?
clusters of neurons from diverse regions
of our brain collaborate form consciousness
one site for consciousness? apparently not

research brain experts believe our brain is
truly a complete collective neural effort
mystery within mystery within mystery...
another mystery hidden within
our crinkled brain cortices is...

out of all our brain's cells
only 10 percent are neurons
90 percent are glial cells?
which encapsulate support
neurons whose function

remains largely unknown?
therefore ultimately it is not
that we sometimes only use
10 percent of active brains
the real research question is

we only understand about
10 percent of how our brain
functions? unlock potential
thought processes fast track
slide into other dimensions

Topic(s) of this poem: Science

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Written in May 2014 on the 14&15.5.2014.
Complete version of the split images 'Slide Through Dimensional Doors', '1890s We Use Only 10% Of Brain Myth', 'Who Masters Brain Who Is Feelings Driven? ', 'Our Brain Is A Collective Neural Effort' and 'Unlock Potential Fast Track Brain Fuctions'.

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