Where Did I Put It! Poem by Darlene Walsh

Where Did I Put It!

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I had a great love but where did I put it!
Found the right guy but it took a big hit
I was told I had to move four states away
I was too young so I couldn't stay

I thought he had it, I could see it in him
That was my old boyfriend, his name was Jim
But I had to say bye, I had to go
Just when my love was starting to grow

He was moving north, to a college dorm
I had to move south, my heart in a storm
Ten hours by car for a young heart to yearn
I knew such a distance was a big concern

He had his new life, I had to say bye
He didn't agree and he asked me Why?
We talked and talked, there was nothing to do
I had cried for two days as I thought it through

A long distance love would never survive
How could we keep teenage love alive
He would have new friends, half of them girls
In his eyes would they become beautiful pearls?

I had to go, I had no choice
So I said good bye with quivering voice
I had a great love but where did I put it!
In someone nice but I still had to quit

Now three years later where did I put it!
Into my sun, moon and stars is where it fits
He is my friend, love and husband, my Bob
It's how life worked to find it, my heart throb

Friday, August 8, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Three and a half years ago, mom said she was retiring and we were moving to North Carolina. I had been going out with Jim for 6 months, my first real boyfriend. He was a senior, I a junior. We tried to ignore the fact I was leaving, but a few months later, I knew I had no choice, I had to say bye. Then after dating a few duds, and worse, I met Bob. Sometimes life works out best if you give it time. So Bob is where I have now, and forever more, put it. IT is all that makes me who I am, and I have given it to Bob.
White Monkey 05 August 2015

Hey..I love reading this poem that rhymes because it is truly fine!

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 08 September 2014

Hello poet Darlene Your poem describes what a lot of young people go through, lessons hard learned. I'm glad you are now happy. I enjoyed, Loyd

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Brian Johnston 10 August 2014

I love your poem young lady and it is a thrill, really, to give you a 10.0. Of course your poem is not perfect but it is perfectly delightful. I also have friended you on the basis of this one poem, the only one I have read so far. Welcome to PH, it is a pleasure to meet you. And oh, Bob, I do hope you truly know how lucky you are! : -)

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