Darlene Walsh Poems

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The Monster Beneath The Bed

What is that you're seeing
in the corner of your eye
Stealthful foot steps following
never passing by

First Caress

In purity, from my heart and soul I quest
After long thoughts, to myself confess
From deep in my being, love shall I assess
With my whole self to him shall I express

Last Trip

I was a full day dead and quite content
My last word and testament has been sent
I lay in my coffin as they passed me by
They walked past in silence, never asking Why?

Winter's Heart

My heart is filled with winter
And love can never again enter
Forever more I shall be a lamenter
Only pain has been left as my center

I Am Death

I work in silence
I work with great noise
I cause many tears
I relieve all suffering

Half A Heart

Why was I caught in your light
My dim candle had become so bright
And only you could fill my sight
Giving all to you was so right


Sun shines, fire glows
Death rains, arrows of fire in modern bows

Missiles and rockets, bombs dropped from on high

The Kiss

I walked into the room and he was standing there
Through the void between us I could feel his stare
The shine of his eyes held a piercing gaze
My thoughts hazed as fear flew around in a maze

H P Lovecraft

If you Love the Craft of writing
If stories keep your life exciting
If mystery and horror are your tales
With shivering spines and biting nails

Eleventh Flag

I parked the car between two white lines and looked out over the grassy field
For Memorial Day in memory of the brave heros we planted eleven flags

Barely a hundred stones, some flat markers, some tall monuments

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