War Poem by Darlene Walsh


Rating: 3.8

Sun shines, fire glows
Death rains, arrows of fire in modern bows

Missiles and rockets, bombs dropped from on high
Another death does war's wealth buy

Precision death or random destruction
Nothing is safe from wars instruction

War, War, what is it good for
Death and desolation around the globe tour

Children's eyes, in sadness dies
The world's powers sharing their lies

Life lost, young innocents and old
How can the perpetrators be so bold

Peace, Peace, there is no peace
Will never the violence cease

Life becomes death in the world's hate
Until all is done we pray and wait

They cry peace peace, but there is no peace
War and greed and hate will not cease

The great Deceiver, the great father of lies
Behind all great leaders you can see his eyes

Like old stories, The Lord of the Flies
Death Be not Proud but still he dies

Only winters cold, only summers heat
War never leaves spring in the soul or heart beat

In fear I sit, in anger I tremble
Without strength to stop it I grumble

War, War, what is it good for
What can I do for this great human sore

War, War, what is it good for
Nothing is still worth more

I wrote this while remembering 911, and now praying Ukraine does not see war
Jay Hall 30 March 2014

Nie work. Keep writing.

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Susan Sparks 02 April 2014

I feel the same way about war. Very good writing.

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 19 May 2014

Darleen, that was an awesome, powerful piece, good work! Loyd

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Patricia Grantham 18 June 2014

A powerful and meaning write about the ravages of war. In the end nobody really wins. Inspiring.

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Terry Dawson 15 January 2016

We fight wars to protect the values that we cherish from those who would take them from us, and unfortunately form time to time this is necessary. But yes, war is most brutal and relentless and remorseless and very terrible.

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Abdallah Gamal 15 August 2015

War is destructive, nations deceive innocent people that war is an obligation to let the peace lay down. Wars never end and will not end, but I think if Innocent people like you talk about its horrible consequence, the world will be a better place. Again I'm amazed by the powerful ink you write with! It's magical! Keep it up ;) This time I will take a permission from you to share it on my own page on Facebook :) Rated 10+

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Allotey Abossey 27 May 2015

Great write. War is destructive, good for nothing worth nothing. God bless you

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Amitava Sur 10 January 2015

A very thoughtful write expressing serious concern about the outcome of any war. In deed war doesn't beget any good to mankind except misery.

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i really wish all nations would ban WAR! ! good poem..good point.

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