Summer Sandercox

albany, ny
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where Has America Gone?

I see a woman ragged clothed
In such poverty and shame
Many say her kind is crazy
But they don't know her pain

They call themselves Americans
Because they throw their worth
Into the hands of her poor life
Her existence on this earth

They say that her state is her fault
She made her life that way
Living on nothing, fearing everything
Taking each day by day

She lived through wars and tragedies
And spoke to kids her own
She knew of a past life at ease
But now she sits alone

In other peoples filth and rags
She calls us all alike
Americans in the United States
Who support sympathetic strike

Considers everyone to be equal
Gives when she has more than some
And yet we complain about our lives
Place names on those as bums

How we cant take that boss of ours
And wish that we were dead
When we lie on soft beds at night
And mothers cradle heads

How our car wouldn't start this morning
Coffee is too cold or hot
The gas prices are too high
And curse what we just bought

Our family life is such a drag
We cant take it anymore
We hate our presidents current actions
Or want to go to war

We stereotype all other nationalities
Labeling them as sad
Put down those who don't look like us
Or hadn't lived the life we've had

Feel sorry for those who are starving
Yet keep eating our warm food
We take a stand when it involves our nation
Or, just when were in the mood

Take advantage of little children
Kill and steal when we need to
All to better ourselves as a person
To show our colors through and through

I thought of these things as I looked at her
Sitting on the muddy ground
Cracking skin upon her fingers
Yet on her face I saw no frown

The only frowns I saw were those
Who had the money and the dreams
Those with a family to go home to
And be happy by any means

I wondered how our nation came
To such a state to such a place
It could not have been like this forever
Now filled with trash and toxic waste

I know our founding fathers
Who stood beside her, this nation
Couldn't now say God Bless America
In their own honoring dedication

The only honor they ultimately gave
Was to One who gave them this land
He has the power to give and to take
Remember, we put our footprints in His sand

How can we say that we do prosper?
As in the days of godly men
For men have turned their back on God
But He has not turned His back on them

Yet we see the sin still alive
Even in a leaders heart
We say that we are doing fine
Our denial is what sets us apart

Just as this woman begs in streets
Just as the babies die
Life is too short to keep hurting
So why does it happen all the time?

What brought our nation to be like this?
We call our country great?
Our anger towards those less fortunate
Grows up to adolescent hate

But we raised our children in the church
Some may say with fire
False faith sparked in tall steeples
Make God out to be a liar

I don't know where our nations headed
I don't know why we try
We may still lift our eyes to Heaven
And point in glory to the sky

But all of that means nothing
When we've lost what others have pursued
Our selfish gain has no value
In this country tried and true.

I pray for that woman in the dirt
She's committed no crime
Her heart is filled with memories and love
Not coated with perverted grime

Yet why do I pray for one like that?
How about for one who doesn't know
About how great that life can be
Half naked in the snow

Or sleeping in a freezing car
While it is pouring sleet
And lick the crumbs from dogs own meals
While ice now eats their feet

Or been in floods or tornados
That swept their only home
Or plagues that caused loved ones to die
In front of where they roam

Most have not had to deal with that
America is not made up of sorrow
I wonder what thoughts will come to mind
When I see another tomorrow.
Summer Sandercox

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