Summer Sandercox

albany, ny
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where I Come From

Rating: 4.0
I'm from Thanksgiving's with my grandparents
Till they passed away
And learning not to believe
Everything that people say.
I'm from climbing in my caterpillar tree
To running races on the track
To the 'I hate you's' and
The 'I got your back's'
I'm from welcome mats
And very sad farewells.
Tears that could fill up
That now rusted water pail.
I'm fromt that church past the cow field
With the preacher who talks too much
My dad always falls asleep
And my mom having to give him a nudge.
I'm from fast food friday's
And long bike rides down the road
To my old, old house
That has now been sold.
I'm from 'Don't you touch that Summer'
To 'sit down' and 'shut up'
To tears that rock you to sleep at night
And everlasting hugs.
I'm from Saturday morning cartoons
And play days in the park
And I'll never forget
How terrified I was of the dark.
I'm from midnight snacks
To late night talks online
I'm from having all my friends
Most of the time.
I'm from sneaking drinks at New Years
To back woods and clear blue creeks
To thinking we were cool kids
And picking on the geeks.
I'm from Old Navy to Hollister
I'm from always stuffing my face
Saturday's were spent playing ball
And running from base to base.
I'm from coming together
And breaking apart
And knowing how it feels
To have to mend a broken heart.
I'm from monster truck shows
And Saturday night rodeo's.
I'm from the side kicks
To the old school hero's.
I'm from high expectations
And sunsets were spent shooting hoops
Rooting for the Tar Heels
And always hating Duke.
Where I'm from, Toys 'R' us
Was always above the mall.
To having to stand on tippee toes
Cuz I was so small.
I'm from playing tag till dusk
And red light green light.
And when I stayed up late
It was only till 10 o'clock.
I'm from McDonald's happy meals
To the little toys inside
I'm from playing hide and go seek
And always forgetting to hide.
I'm from getting high
Of course only on the swings
From cheer wine and skittles
To delicious vanilla ice cream.
I'm from decision making
Always solved by eeny-meany-miney-moe
And in the winter the only wish
Was to get a lot of snow.
I'm from white people
Who really think they're black
And 'oh man me and Header'
Are bone to the bad.
I'm from red cups filled with soda
And hating stinky feet
I'm from a nose filled with boogies
But never having braces on my teeth.
I'm from writing poems
Cause I'm just so cool
But soon I'm gonna end this
Cause it's only for school.
i'm from wanting a loving family
And I couldn't live without my friends
And I guess it's not where I come from
But more than that...where i've been.
Summer Sandercox
Lisa Emry 25 April 2007
I give you a well deserved 10! That was excellent and I really really enjoyed all of what you had to say. Makes me miss being that way! Good job!
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