Where Have You Been? Poem by Pamela lutwyche

Where Have You Been?

Where have you been my little man?
What did you see when you were there?
Did you see the big blue bird flying about in the air?
Was he nice?
Did you talk about things you have done?
Are you going back next week to talk on and on?
What did he say?
Did he make you laugh?
Did he bring a smile to your face?
Did he know you are part of the human race?
Tell me, tell me do what did he really say to you?

I was dreaming in the land of nod;
true I did see something there;
I don’t know if it was the big blue bird flying in the air;
he was very nice and we did talk about the things we had done.
Yes, I am going back next week and will talk on and on.
He did make me laugh and bring a smile to my face and I am quite sure he knew;
I was part of the human race.
But, to tell you and tell you true what he really said;
I can’t really remember, it was just a dream, it all in my head.

Don’t worry my little man; I’m sure you will go again;
just close your little eyes then maybe count to ten.
The land of nod it’s a beautiful place its magic full of spells;
It’s a lovely land where fairies roam and lots of wishing wells.
I am sure you will see the big blue bird again;
I am convinced you met him there before.
Next time go you might remember;
just a little bit more.

I hope I will remember just a little more;
then I can tell you what he has in store.
Maybe, he will take me for a fly upon his wing;
to show me the land of nod and all the wonderful things.
I would like to see the wishing wells and all the things that are there.
I would like to see the big blue bird flying in the air.

Shall we go together! Won’t you come with me?
And then; we both shall see; what we shall see.

What a good idea; I did not think of that before.
The two of us with the big blue bird.
Who could want for more.
Close your eyes and dream! !

Sean Williams 20 March 2010

Hi Pamela, I really enjoyed reading this poem. It brought lots of images to mind, like a lovely dream. Many thanks.

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