Where I Am Now? Poem by Mohammad Younus

Where I Am Now?

Where I am now? Out of paradise!
All are strangers to me here;
There is an endless urge in my heart...
...to return to my eternal home;
Eh! I've been expelled for being God's rebel;
But, even here, even now, are floating in my eyes...
...the pictures of the eternal garden - my lost paradise!
Though Inexhaustible cold gusts of wind are sweeping over me;
Since a long time ago, my waterless dry eyes have been seeking you in the void;
My imagination feels you coming, as the celestial bells jingle;
Though the idea of separation from you is just an illusion;
My exploring eyes have found your charms very much in my heart;
Though my eyes always longed for your glimpse in this colored world;
I am happy that my love has filled my eyes with the exquisite light divine;
The light upon light that you fill in my eyes will never be extinguished;
The light allows me walk without any restriction through the black alleys of this world;
Let people know that it was your light that lifted the veils of my heart's eyes;
How mysterious it is that you send me the message of your love through my eyes;
That is all a blessing from my lord that I am as such in a state of ecstasy;
In an ethereal world I am now, where there is neither color nor smell nor sound.


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