MoonBee Canady

' Which Is Allegorical And Which Is Real (Radical) ? ... ' - Poem by MoonBee Canady

The Bible Itself, Explains Itself (2 Pet.1: 20)
Explains It Better, Than Anyone Else
Once, It’s Taken Off The Shelf
& Explore Complete Message Left

The Bible Tells, Which Words Are Allegorical (Rev.1: 1)
The Bible Tells, Which Verses Are Metaphorical (Lu.8: 10)
The Bible States Which Are Proverbs Or Parables (Lu.15: 3)
& The Bible Tells, What To Take Literal … (Matt.24: 6,34)

Noah & The Ark: Is That Allegorical Too?
& The Rainbow: Was That Just A Metaphorical View?
& The Apocalypse (Vision) : Will It Do What It Says Will Do?
Even Symbolic, Revelation Is A Literal Warning For You!

66 Little Holy Books: Sacred-Lesson-Libraries (Heb. 4: 12) (2 Tim. 3: 16,17)
66 Detailed-Tablets: Devout, Divine – Documentaries
66 Spirit Inspired Scrolls: Authorized, Manu-Scripturally (2 Pet. 1: 20,21)
66 Recorded-Notes: A Matter Of Life & Death- Must Reads (Matt. 24: 38,39) (2 Pet.3: 5-7)

Some Bible Scholars, Only Point Out Cynic Commentaries
& Passages That They Find Arbitrary
But It’s Real Faith, Whose Tongue Speak It’s Vocabulary
& It Takes Holy Spirit, To Clear Up Disparity (1 Cor.2: 10,11)

It Takes Holy Spirit To Find Facts, Necessary (John 14: 26)
& It Is Prophecies, That Makes This Book So Noteworthy
It Takes GOD’s Power To Fulfill Prophecy-Itinerary
It Takes The Power Of GOD … To Grasp Its Entirety!

(OK, I Got The Gloves-Off, I’m Punching It’s Enemies!)

& The World Has Spurned It … They’ve Burned It!
They’ve Refused To Have Learned It
& Have Even Tried To Turn It!
(God’s Anger, Yes, They’ve Earned It!)

They’ve Bashed It … They’ve Trashed It!
Claimed, Human-Knowledge Has Surpassed It!
Humph! … Theirs Won’t Outlast It
When God, Has Finally ‘Had It! ’

The Bible Itself, Tells You What It Means
Stop Messing With Sentences Of The Supreme
Don’t Get Caught Up In Fault-Finding Pretext
Don’t Take Words, Out Of Context

Look At The Surrounding Story Verse
Soon, Confusion Will Start To Disperse
Remember, Jesus Said To Keep Seeking (Matt.7: 7)
So Wait, ‘Til You’ve Heard The Whole Thing Speaking!

I Have Read The Whole Blessed Word
& GOD Spoke, In Each Word I Heard
No, MoonBee Doesn’t Hear Voices
MoonBee Just Hears … Which Choices!

Remember That Ethiopian Eunuch
Who Questioned Phillip, Who Knew It
Eunuch Said, ‘I Don’t Understand, Walk Me Thru It
Since You Ran Beside My Chariot To Do It

& Man Can’t Live By Bread Alone, Said Christ
A Metaphor, But It Was A Real Man & Advice!

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