While Strolling Down The Beach Today Poem by Kenn Nesbitt

While Strolling Down The Beach Today

While strolling down the beach today
I came upon a lamp.
It was dusty, it was dirty,
it was dingy, it was damp.

It appeared that all it needed
to restore it was a scrub,
so I dug it from the salty sand
and gave a little rub.

In a moment it was glistening.
Then, right before my eyes
there appeared a purple genie
of incalculable size.

He was massive and magnificent
and glorious and grand,
and he bowed and said dramatically,
'Your wish is my command.'

It was then I did the stupid thing
I now regret I did,
for I know I'll never be again
an ordinary kid.

I considered just a moment,
then I looked him in the eye
and I asked that giant genie,
'Would you please make me a pie?'

Friday, December 26, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: beach
narayana aghalaya 13 June 2019

Lovely poem. This is one of my favo rite poems.

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Zusakhe 13 June 2019

Wow! , my child now is loving this poem because when she goes to the beach she remembers the poem and she sings it.

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Narayana Aghalaya 08 October 2018

your story is incomplete. how did u become Kenn Nesbitt again?

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narayana aghalaya 13 June 2019

Sorry Mr.Zusakhe - it was a careless comment. made long back. I have great respect for Mr.Nesbitt!

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Zusakhe 13 June 2019

No sir. Don’t talk to the writer like that pls

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