Good Morning, Dear Students Poem by Kenn Nesbitt

Good Morning, Dear Students

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"Good morning, dear students," the principal said.
"Please put down your pencils and go back to bed.
Today we will spend the day playing outside,
then take the whole school on a carnival ride.

"We'll learn to eat candy while watching TV,
then listen to records and swing from a tree.
We'll also be learning to draw on the walls,
to scream in the classrooms and run in the halls.

"So bring in your skateboard, your scooter, your bike.
It's time to be different and do what you like.
The teachers are going to give you a rest.
You don't have to study. There won't be a test.

"And if you'd prefer, for a bit of a change,
feel free to go wild and act really strange.
Go put on a clown suit and dye your hair green,
and copy your face on the Xerox machine.

"Tomorrow it's back to the regular grind.
Today, just go crazy. We really don't mind.
So tear up your homework. We'll give you an A.
Oh wait. I'm just kidding. It's April Fools' Day."

Susan Williams 01 April 2016

Ha! I enjoyed every word of that and I hope those kids were fooled! ! !

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Kim Barney 01 April 2016

Hilarious, Kenn! As a former teacher, I really loved this. The meter and rhyme are great, and congratulations on having it selected as poem of the day!

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Joseph Ojogba Daniel 01 April 2016

..I was beginning to feel like a student in that school. Good work...

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Ratnakar Mandlik 01 April 2016

Mind blowing entertainer and very pleasant to read as it takes you down the memory lane in your childhood. Thanks for sharing it here.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 20 August 2015

Every student must be fantasizing such dreams. Nice write and a good twist at the end.

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Imagine loosing 20 April 2022

POV kids who homeschool be like.

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Chinedu Dike 11 May 2020

Well articulated and nicely penned with a tinge of humour. A beautiful creation.

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DemonDJ482 28 January 2020

This is the best poem I have ever read. Plus I learned it for my poetry recitation competition and I won! ! !

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reeet 24 September 2018

doing this for school who play fortnite here season 6 hype

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Milonee 16 March 2018

Wow! This poem is amazing I just loved it

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