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Kenn Nesbitt is an American children's poet. On June 11, 2013 he was named Children's Poet Laureate by the Poetry Foundation.
He is a writer of humorous poetry for children, including the books My Hippo Has the Hiccups and Revenge of the Lunch Ladies. Kenn Nesbitt has collaborated with poet Linda Knaus on one collection of Christmas poems entitled ...

Kenn Nesbitt Poems

Good Morning, Dear Students

"Good morning, dear students," the principal said.
"Please put down your pencils and go back to bed.
Today we will spend the day playing outside,
then take the whole school on a carnival ride.

My Teacher Ate My Homework

My teacher ate my homework,
which I thought was rather odd.
He sniffed at it and smiled
with an approving sort of nod.

All My Great Excuses

I started on my homework,
but my pen ran out of ink…
My hamster ate my homework…
My computer's on the blink…

Our Teacher's A Football Fanatic

Our teacher's a football fanatic.
It's all that he has on his mind.
He listens to games on his headphones,

While Strolling Down The Beach Today

While strolling down the beach today
I came upon a lamp.
It was dusty, it was dirty,
it was dingy, it was damp.

Kenn Nesbitt Comments

Alex Paltielov 29 April 2015

this poem is really good. i hate my homework and i wish these excuses would work

45 9 Reply
Part jain 07 January 2018

I love kenn nesbitts work

18 5 Reply
Caitlin Lundy 30 March 2018

Ken Nesbitt inspired me to draw. The first poem that inspired me was I Saw A Sloth Play Soccer. Thank You!

12 9 Reply
Eshal 09 January 2018

How did you like CAC

11 10 Reply
Darshil Dhamelia 05 January 2018

I Love Ken Nesbit Life

13 5 Reply
Dr Dillip K Swain 16 July 2021

A wonderful poet

0 0 Reply
Sylvia Frances Chan 16 July 2021

Congratulations being chosen by Poem Hunter and Team as The Poet Of The Day! Enjoyed your poems for children, many of them are with a humoristic tinge. The Hippo.....I know so well. Most valuable kids book!

0 0 Reply
heva yusuf 26 May 2021

im looking for a grade 4 poem

0 0 Reply
Abeer kaivan 28 April 2020

I like your pomes because they are fantastic an superb bye

4 2 Reply
boooooohgiufhrsdygf, 09 March 2020


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