Whispers From The Beyond Poem by Sven Rhoads

Whispers From The Beyond

Rating: 4.5

I hear you in every wind that blows through
I feel you as every fiber stands to attention
Once again you come to me out of the blue
To begin the long awaited ascension

No more descending down into the old wounds
This blood has dried, this pain has died
Let start a new beginning under the glowing moon
Now that the demons hide, Lets take back the night

In my dreams I capture yours whispers from the beyond
Where the sunset goes as it leaves the horizon
The land of nod where all turmoil is completely gone
And in your arms I want to reside in

I hear you calling out my name from nowhere
I feel you as if you're here right beside me
Shake off the chains and leave behind all my cares
I'm coming home, will it be you I see

No more to look at my one foot in the grave
This time has past, I am free at last
Lets start a new with the loving embers we've saved
This dawn was meant for us, no more shadows and dust

Even when the darkness comes calling
I will be holding you close
When it feels like the stars are falling
Know that I will never come to fail

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