Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Rookie - 52 Points (1957/01/09 / BURGERSFORT (Leeufallei farm or Ga- Makwakwasi))

‘who Are You? ' - Poem by Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Who are you?
I'm Mr or Mrs T,
They simply call me ‘T'
I am transversal not transvestite,

You ask me where I live,
I'm a vagrant,
I live everywhere,
I travel everywhere,
Even where I'm not wanted,
I linger around in case they change their minds'

You ask me, what my surname is,
My surname or maiden name is ‘T'
They know me by one name,
And nothing else,
Even my nickname is the same as my name,

You ask me, do you have siblings,
Yes, I have,
They are a replica of me,
They do not look like me,
We are not twins,
Twins look alike,
They've different characteristics,
And are unique as individuals,

Me, and my siblings live in one body,
We are unique, as one,
When you see me somewhere,
You can't differentiate me from Mr or Mrs T,
‘Because I'm only him or her,

You ask me, do I have parents,
Yes, I have,
They are with me,
Everywhere, where I go,
You can't differentiate them from me and my siblings,
We are unique as a unit,
Unconventional and special,
‘Cause we never get old fashioned,
Nor get old or die,
We have been the way we are,
And will be like that for eternity!

You ask, what do people say about me?
‘Oh! They love me a lot',
Me, as a complete unit,
That comprise of all my siblings and beloved parents,
They choose to let me live in them,
And choose to use me when they are called upon
To present me at some legal functions,
I'm always at their mercy, they elect to use or discard me at will,
I don't mind,
But, I may trouble their conscience,
‘Cause I linger around despite their abhorrence of my scent,

My fellow traveller, Mr or Mrs ‘L'
Is ubiquitous, just like me,
However, he-she is not eternal,
At times, he-she's like dew in the morning,
And disappears instantly when the sun rises,
Unlike me, he-she troubles the conscience when used,
‘Cause he-she remains in the vicinity,
Lingers on, ominously,
In want of care like a very sick baby,

He-she ‘T' and he-she ‘L, '
We are not comparable,
Despite the fact that we are both vagabonds,
Despite the fact that we live everywhere,
Despite the fact that we go everywhere,
In pursuit of events,
We simply bypass one another all the time,

We detest one another like incompatible ingredients,
He-she ‘T' being a peace keeper by nature,
The other, being cantankerous by nature,
He-she ‘T' guarantees 100% freedom and happiness,
While he-she ‘L' guarantees 100% bondage, bitterness and misery,

Mr or Mrs ‘T' and Mr or Mrs ‘L'
‘I salute you, two! '
‘You have the world under your firm grip, '
‘You follow every event that happens on earth, '
‘You decide how history should be told, '
‘Even the future, '
‘People benefit from your leadership either way, '

‘I wonder how you manage to stay close to one another,
‘Yet you abhor one another, '
‘You travel opposite directions'
‘Yet you are so close to each another, '
‘Like rich and poor, '
‘Never deny that you caused people to wallow in sorrow,
Or revel in happiness, '
‘Cause you are made for either, '

He-she ‘L', you make people instantly rich,
And then, leave them poor and in misery,
He-she ‘T, ' you make people rich and let them be and happy for ever!

‘When will you ever bury the hatchet? '
‘No! ‘It will never happen, '
‘Cause we are saying to each other, right now, '
‘Take me as I am, '
Or leave me as I am, '

Who wins this everlasting war?
Nobody but you Mr or Mrs ‘T'
‘Cause you guarantee eternal peace and happiness'
‘Bravo! Mr or Mrs ‘T! '
Bravo…! ! !

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