Who I Am Poem by Matt RSJ

Who I Am

Rating: 5.0

Someone told me that i wasn't fun.
That i'm too intense, and that
I can't have simple conversations.
Saying those things meant nothing to her
So that leaves me to feel
Like i've done something wrong.
Like I'm not fun.
But the truth is that i'm boring.
I rarely leave my house.
I have isolated myself.
I am a miserable person
That people don't want to be around.
And when she told me i was too intense,
That i was not fun,
It was not surprising to me,
But coming from her,
It felt like a knife to the heart.
Because i know that she will live her life
As though it meant nothing.
And i have to understand
That to everyone else, it means nothing.
How can i live knowing that i'm boring.
My self image is poor,
She was important, her opinion was important
To me, and i don't know if i will ever be able to
accept that a person that i respect so highly
That i admire so passionately,
A person who has been more patient with me
Than any other,
Thinks that i am a miserable, boring person.
I have to look into her eyes and know that
What she sees is pathetic.
And ultimately,
I have to know that all of this
Means as much to her
As the sun rising every morning.

Missy Trinity Ferrari. 21 February 2006

I am not going to give you advise on how to feel better, cuz frankly i absolutely do not know but what i can say is what it ultimitaley comes down to is that what you think of your self if you thinkj you are a boring person then ok what ever but just look inside that is all i can really say Sincerely, Melissa P.S. I loved the poem once again it seems as if you are living my life.

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kskdnj sajn 18 February 2006

'It is never too late to be what you were ment to be' Georage Eliot I guess if one is unhappy with themself or their life, then all they can do is change, but I am interverted much of the time...am I boring? No... I'm content... I often wonder what is worse...falling into a routine and hating it...or falling into a routine and enjoying every moment.

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