Who Is My Favourite Poet? Poem by Denis Martindale

Who Is My Favourite Poet?

Who is my favourite poet? That would be me, of course!
I wrote each poem and know it, so each is mine, not yours.
I started a long time ago, with just a basic pen,
And caused the rhymes to overflow to bless me now and then.
So I rejoiced through what I wrote as inspiration came,
As poems are an antidote when Good News is the aim.
A source of joy, a source of peace, with wisdom through the years,
As if God's wonders never cease, since every prayer He hears.
For there are poets who rely upon His sovereign grace,
Despite the others who deny His mercies to embrace.
I praise God for my learning curve like each evangelist,
As fitting poets who would serve through times when rhymes persist.

When upbeat dreams come to my heart and then come to my mind,
Each fashions themes I may impart to share art with Mankind.
While there are some anthologies and poems on TV,
A lot of websites aim to please and share my poetry.
A thousand here, a thousand there, and then a thousand more,
So that is why I must declare what choices made me sure.
For I recited every line, each rhyme and lyric, too,
With fancy fonts that looked so fine each time I shared anew.
And I uploaded every verse and emailed when I should,
Investing years, as each occurs, to share the good I could.
With fancy phrases that take flight through tales that I unfold,
Or common words meant to recite, to bless the young and old.

The double blessing falls on me to write what I believe,
Then share my works of poetry for others to receive.
For such as these, I pause in prayer, and those that wait in store,
A thousand here, a thousand there, and then a thousand more.

Denis Martindale. May 2022.

Saturday, May 14, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: love of poetry
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