Summer Sandercox

albany, ny
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Who Put God In Charge?

Rating: 5.0
Who put God in charge?
What the hell were you thinking?
You screwed over this world,
And society is sinking.

I can't read the paper.
Hell I can't watch the news.
Without hearing about a rapist
Or some morons views.

I can't go to school.
Without being told what to learn.
I have to be cool.
Or I cause my mother concern.

We've got people who kill.
People who rob.
Those obsessed with the thrill.
Usually the ones who cant get a job.

I have to worry about mothers.
Ones who aren't even mine.
Just to appease others.
And make me seem divine.

We're at war with the enemy,
But damn it, whose who?
We're killing for a resource.
And no one's got a clue.

But Gods apparently still up there.
Watching over us with that careful eye.
Sitting in his almighty chair.
Watching our world slowly die.

Watching the children suffer,
Watching the rich sin.
But you've made me tougher.
You've given me thicker skin.

But there's people who need you,
I on the other hand do not.
I don't believe in you.
So the afterlife may be hot.

So if you do exist.
Don't be such a coward.
And if this poem leaves you pissed.
I'll send along some flowers.

But God do some changing.
This world is a zoo.
It needs some rearranging.
And we cant do it so, will you?
Summer Sandercox
Glaedr the poet 03 May 2007
I have to say that if you really stop and think about it, man is responsible for his own suffering. AIDS came from a sexually imoral act. If that would have never happened, AIDS wouldn't be a problem. Many countries are starving because they are overpopulated. Well, God didn't put that many people in those places they got there by the people's own mistakes or accord. If people really stop and think about it, God hasn't done any distruction. Man has become his own worst enemy.
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Adam Rubenstein 21 March 2007
I am literally standing and applauding you right now... I am at a loss for words, this poem is so on point. once again Summer... (clapping)
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David Taylor 21 March 2007
Very Well expressed, good poem, just because man messes up so badly, it doesn't reasonably follow that there is no god, nor logically can you say there is.
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