Denis Martindale

Who's Gonna Save The World? - Poem by Denis Martindale

While Man, this Earth's still prone to rape,
There's no great love, no great escape...
While Man on Earth's still prone to pride,
It's this, God's world, that's crucified...
Behold the devastation made
Upon the forest and the glade,
Upon the oceans and the shores...
Yes, Man's condemned by many flaws!

Consider creatures now extinct,
No longer to sweet life now linked,
From minute moths and butterflies,
To giant cats of greater size...
The list goes on and on and on,
This passing year, more species gone
And we'll not see their likes again,
Despite some souls who still campaign...

No wonder, Judgment Day draws near!
No wonder, Man's got cause to fear!
For God so loved the world He gave
His one and only Son to save...
Though He was yet our Sovereign Lord,
The Cross of Christ was His reward!
Yet has Man changed his ways today?
We all like sheep have gone astray...

Consider now with World War Three,
For who can say when that will be?
When bombs descend to maintain peace,
Such that some children that day cease
To breathe the air they've breathed for years,
To die so fast, no time for tears...
The unborn, too, shall not come forth,
No matter, east, west, south or north...

If not, germ warfare, here and there,
That poisons waters and the air,
Such that taxpayers funding these
Will someday die by such disease...
Yes, Man's thought great! He's also dumb,
That's why this poet's heart turned numb
At thoughts of what remains to be
And Armageddon's destiny...

If not for faith, my heart would fail
Regarding this poor world's travail
Which slaughters senses one-by-one...
There's nothing new beneath the sun...
Unless God heals this sacred Earth,
Not one will still esteem its worth...
But pray with me, while there's still time,
That God will do something sublime...

Denis Martindale, copyright, September 2012.

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Poem accepted by UK publisher Forward Poetry for
their End Of Days poetry anthology, April 2013.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, September 1, 2012

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