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Why? ! ¿¡ - Poem by tionna williams

Why do she treat me so wrong but its weird because she gonna miss me when I'm long gone. I'm treat like Cinderella with the ballroom thing the way I live life now I don't want to know what my future might bring to me. My soul bangs inside 'let me out let me out '.but I try to fight the inner me nomatter how loud she steams and shout. Why do you do this to me. I just cant take the pi ain but until the end shes the one to blame. She makes me do and say sometimes what I don't mean. She makes things look worst than they seem. She does the unexspected and the most outrageous things but hides in the shadows and cant be seen. Why do u do this to me? Is there a sign u need me to see¿ she helps me bottle in my feelings of the pain and the hurt so why ever she does these things to me might be good. I wish she really kno and feel wat I do I really wish she Wuld to kno so I can show her the meaning of life and how so valuable life could be it is also so trice. She tryst to get out I dnt kno why so she can suffer feel pain and cry like I. I dnt think she wants tht I sure dnt. She wants out so bad maybe we should switch and she can live life with my mom who can be such a Bitch. My 3 sister who annoy and my 2 brothers who r always full of excitement and joy they never shut up and work me like a slave. I just cant wait to se my GRAVE with my name *Tîõñn@* C. Wīllí@Ms on it ¡! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ¡! ! ¡¡! ¡! ¡

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 21, 2012

Poem Edited: Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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