Mason Word

Why - Poem by Mason Word

I am thirsty
There is clean water
I am hungry
There is plenty food
I am bored
There is a lot to do
I am lazy
I am sleepy
My life is easy
My bed is near
I am complaining
I am griping
But there is no one around to hear
But does it really even matter
Is what I am saying even true
I have all the things I need
But yet I am still searching for something more to do
Why do I act this way
Why do I not have the initiative to get more things done
Why do I so easily overlook
All the ways I could make things more fun
Why do I not look around
And see all I already have
Why do I take so much for granted
When I have so much more than others have
Why am I the way I am
Why do I do the things I do
This and many other things
No one can answer unto me or you
I wish I could tell
I wish I knew
Why things had to be this way
If I did
Then what I have done
May have done some more good
Why do I not see things
The way they should be seen
Why am I not focused
More on making a reality out of my dreams
Why do I wonder
Why do I care
Why do I want to know
If there are any like minded individuals out there
Why do I think
Think so horribly
About myself
And others
And this world
In all of its ways
Why do I stumble
Why do I fall
Why is it that in Pokemon
I had to catch them all
Why does the sun rise
Why do I not know what sound a yak makes
Why do I digress so
Why do I not think I have what it takes
Why is there a future
Why is there a past
Why can I just not be bothered
So that I can make the good times last
Why is the answer
And also the question
To answer all things
When you ask why
It starts a whole different kind of change
Why is life so troublesome
Why do I bother
Why do I care
Why am I getting so much sleepier
As I type in my chair
Why am I asking
Myself all of this
Why do I want to know
Is it really all that big
Why do airborne objects fall
Why is the sky blue
All the questions and more
I giveth unto you
Why is a question
A question that questions all things
What is your motive
Why is that as it does be
Why is this poem
Coming to a close
Why is the one question
The answer to which no one knows

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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