Why Commit Suicide? Poem by Sylvia Chidi

Why Commit Suicide?

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Why commit suicide?
Don’t tie yourself with a rope
With life, there is always hope
With life, there is always scope

Why commit suicide?
For you there is no roller coaster life ride
Your heart is filled with an empty hole so wide
Don’t put yourself on fire and fry
With life, you can still make an effort and try
Please leave us not with a permanent goodbye

Why commit suicide?
Believe me when I say ‘You are not alone’
Many out there are shivering cold to the bone
Express your feelings to someone on the phone
Full of debt
Never properly slept
Always sadly wept
Wish you had something wonderful
You could have treasured and kept
Unsucessfuly with exams
After hectic midnight crams
Who gives a damn!

You are not alone!
You are not alone!

So you feel so empty inside
You are full of egoistical pride
To admit the thought of a suicide tide
Love has never even been on your side
Believe me when I say ‘You are not alone’
With life, there is no stone
That you cannot eventually overthrow
To reclaim your rightful throne
So why commit suicide?

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

Uma Ram 02 April 2015

Beautiful inspiration to all those forsaken broken hopeless hearts. the repetitive You are not alone...awesome................thanks for sharing.

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Sylvia Chidi 18 April 2006

The beauty of poetry is you can decide for yourself what the poem is all about!

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Ana x 23 January 2007

maybe yoWhy commit suicide? Don’t tie yourself with a rope With life, there is always hope With life, there is always scope u'll find me rude, ......................seruiosly>?

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Grant Baker 19 November 2007

eh man... this poem is tight... i learned alot from this, ive thought about it a couple of years ago but i have never tried it.... man it touched me.. and thank you for writing it

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Crystal Chown 19 January 2007

hey awesome poem man! ! ! !

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James 16 December 2018

Today i was on the edge of suicide and read this.made me think again.

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Abby Stringer 03 October 2018

I needed to hear this, and I know others did as well. Thank you

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William - - - - - 26 February 2018

Death is nothing but a relief of the real world, if people die then they die. I know it may sound rude and or morbid and not many people will enjoy what I say but I really don't care if you like what I say or not. But though this poem was good I did enjoy it, but when people commit suicide it isn't suicide that kills them it's the depression that's inside of them. Other than that I enjoyed the poem greatly, so good job on it and keep up the work.

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chicago bhosle 05 February 2018

really touching poem... keep it up!

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😻 👏 👌 🙏🏼 10/10 🙌🙏💪 very strong, I wish others could see a this...

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