Why Do I Love You Poem by Mike Tonkin

Why Do I Love You

Why do I love you
It seems easy to explain,
But it is not.

You treat me like a man
Not like the deformed
Creature that I am, .
You say that you are
Proud of me
But why I shall
Never really understand.
You have laughed
With me,
You have cried
The tears running down
Your sweet face
Heartrending and sad, .
You have walked
In the sun with me
Your hand on my shoulder
Keeping me safe, ,
You have put me to bed
When I have been unwell
Said a few words
And then left,
And I sleep
Just like that
And when I awake
You are there.
Memories are important
To me
When I am down
I slip into my mind
Where I can be alone
And think my way
To happiness..
Do you remember?
Do you remember
How I used to
Walk everyday?
You were so patient
Walking up and down
With me.
I never got the hang of it
And gave it up.
Should I have tried harder?
Sometimes we used to go
Into the garden. Oh
I remember that summer,
I remember the warmth
Of your smile.
You know
I am not the same person
That I was
I am more alive
Than ever.
Loving someone
Is good for me,
And when I am well
There is not enough
Time in the day
To do everything
I want,
And then there is always

My love keeps me warm
Being warm and alive
Is everything
You are always there
In my mind
You are always there
For me, .
Before I sleep every night
I think of you
And thank you
For making me human

Mike Tonkin

Mike Tonkin

Truro, England
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