Why Do That Now? Poem by Adedolapo Olisa

Why Do That Now?

Stepped into a smoothly and evenly sharp and sharpened metal
and it did not hesitate to pierce all through to the other end of my feet
I felt pain?
Smashed my head into a wall that seems like a thin layer of glass
I felt pain?
Survived an autocrash but came out limbless and eyeless
I felt unrest
Fried in a pool of hot oil but survived with my sense of feel dead
I felt unrest
Awoke in the heart of the Sahara desert when all oasis were dry
no means of communication nor transportation
I felt dead
Shocked in current continuously for hours yet survived
I felt dead
Lust after skin for sex with all my hormones overflowing
I sought relief
Scrambled after coffee in the morning but none around
I sought alternatives but found none
I felt miserable
Downturned the world in search of just a dropp of my 'fuel to existing'
found drops that increased my required quantity but twas all that was left in the world
I felt crippled
Butchered into pieces of meat yet living
I felt sorrrow
Saw destruction approach, thought it was fiction until had passed it
Wanted to help my people that destruction reached not yet
My, not even my worry but, helpless knowledge filled my cup of desperation
I felt terrible
Choked unwaveringly for days yet without death by air
Strangled while drowning for months yet survived
I felt hopeless
Clothed with bullets and blood yet every bullet was removed
I felt agony
I prefer any of these to eternity in hell
not a year or a thousand or even a million or billion but eternity of hopelessness
all from a choice as simple to make as saying yes to a cookie
Indeed nothing lost but everything gained
hearts so hard as dry bones of a dinosaur
how black is our heart's lust after world's pleasure
'Come and take light and life' is the plea
but our brain and mind processes it as 'Come and be a fool'
Can words make any difference to some? I think
Right there, the lot to be inherited has been well spelt out
diagramatically, physically, illustrationally, even vividly
the picture of the experience has been put in white and black as well as in multicolour
but the jest of the environs will sweep away the imminent impact
A day will come when the worst of experiences you can imagine, you will prefer to your then present state of hopelessness
all we pass through here as pain or torment or hopelessness was made so we can have a taste of the heat
Can you compare heat to lava, pain to sorrow, patient hunger to hopeless thirst, healing wounds to deeper infliction?
It is unimaginably unbearable.
Or can you put your hands in hot water and consciously leave it boiling -and that's only a 100 celsius
but by our decisions to say no to the only way to heaven, we say yes to torment
The worst thing that has ever happened to you is only like complaining of heat here when you have not gotten anywhere near the sun.
A tip of the iceberg is height of the worst source of grief ever to have occured
A tale of sorrow for them that retire in hades more painful even is the fact that they cannot even express their feeling nor tell the tale
If you do not see fire and walk into it, why do that now?

Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

Ilorin, Kwara state.
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