How I Feel Now Poem by Adedolapo Olisa

How I Feel Now

Rating: 4.8

After a long while, i now need to sit and think
as a lot has happened in my life i thought was still very short.
I now miss my brothers and sisters, so much
that i sometimes go to bed when i don't feel sleepy
as a result of filthy thoughts lasting in my memory.
Honestly, i think i don't want to mature
if at least that'll get me to meet those lovely lives
that i never knew their value back then as an infant
so we will live together till eternity.
I now long to have a re-union
so at least i can give those hugs i was selfish with
and show some love to my bloods and family.
I now feel so deserted and hungry
to consume the affection i once had on a platter of gold
and be filled to the brim like the stream in the rains.
I now long to give my usual helping hands
stretched to the fullest of its elastic limit.
I now dream of love! love! ! love! ! !
and wish i could clinch tightly to the hem of my beloveds
as it just seems to me like i am in a desert
with no trees to help grow, no streams to help flow,
no sound to soothe my ears,
neither are there quarrels to check it's errs.
Well, it seems like this milk is spilled
and it evaporates so fast
leaving me with no choice
than to walk away from it in pains
for my love for it is much
but time will not allow my defying wish.

Nature why must you be incorruptible?
that you reject my wish and it's bribe
to allow for a longer stay with my friends
that are now my siblings.
For how long will i regret graduating
even though i know it is the way forward
and the only way to share with new flocks,
the lessons from my previous fleet?
For how long will i appeal for justice
against the uncompromising and irreversible ticking of time
that will take not a dime
to stop or pause for selfish desire of any party like mine?

How i wish i knew that it would be like this,
i would have braced up earlier than now
as this is but a great challenge
similar to jumping two ends of a wrecked bridge
with a no regrets for a failure.


Poem self confession, with sensitive thoughts on true destination of life, with or close to the beloved ones. The line 'I now dream of love! love! ! love! ! ! ' is the major spot of this praise of love. Thanks for sharing Adedolabo. Joseph Josephides - Member of the Inter. Society of Poets (ISP) (award by Intern.Library of Poetry)

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Sathyanarayana M V S 09 October 2008

The loss made you really so philosophical u are almost touching the peaks of spiritual emotions and ecstacy.....great write....that wanders from loss of siblings to a myriad images and pictures.......wonderful

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David Desantis 02 October 2008

very very sorry for your loss...

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Caterpillar MC 01 October 2008

Its a nice poem and makes you want to remember the times with family. sweet and painful. A 10

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Ryan Thompson 01 October 2008

good im impressed -ryan

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Al Ramos 01 October 2008

Great stuff, written from the heart where all feelings lay until releasd for all to enjoy.

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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

Ilorin, Kwara state.
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