Adedolapo Olisa Poems

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Have You Seen?

Have you ever seen a man happy to die?
running and eager, gazing at the site
with doubts resounding and questions like 'WHY'?
but in all still longing for the bitter bite.

How I Feel Now

After a long while, i now need to sit and think
as a lot has happened in my life i thought was still very short.
I now miss my brothers and sisters, so much
that i sometimes go to bed when i don't feel sleepy

Where Love Lies.

Above all lies one virtue
the commandment's summary
and our duty to man and heaven
but in lack to all in existence.

The Loss Of A Poem

Losing a poem is like losing a life
A poem that seems set to make history
then itself now becoming history
by a saddened mystery

I Will Trust, Again

Pay me to trust, really, pay me with a blank check
on a platter, make it a sweet story just to trust
fix my history, mould my present
hold my future, meet my prequisite just to trust

In The Midst Of Unfamiliarity

The occupants of my mind:
Swift speed
calm terrain
emotion blitz

What I Desire, Hope And Behold To Soon Hold And Grasp.

I live on earth with one single ambition
I want to get my crown, throne and mansion
I want to relax through worship to my father, not here,
Where to relax holily, I have to subdue temptation

The Learnt Lesson

The weary days are over
and now i can say it all over
to any one with a listening ear,
I mean all my errs

Faith- Wavering's Loss And Unwavering's Key.

The limitation of a shallow mind
better still, a faithless soul
little like a mustard seed is all I need
but like a 'grain' of salt have I not

The Brute Force Of The Word.

The brute Force of the WORD
Tells the wind mill to spin
it drags the wind's next of kin
buries its authority, and makes it a disciple

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