Where Love Lies. Poem by Adedolapo Olisa

Where Love Lies.

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Above all lies one virtue
the commandment's summary
and our duty to man and heaven
but in lack to all in existence.

Above all lies one virtue
the reason we all live in treason
to those we owe our duty's expression
the duty we inherited
as we began our journey
in the darkest sea of trauma
that only our virtue can be a candle

Above all lies one virtue
the purpose we are to be in circulation
but instead we distribute the currency
inherited from earth
though we know it is folly,
we presume it to be wisdom

Above all lies one virtue
the summary of good character
but the most dreaded way of life
though the simplest culture,
yet a continuous torture
to those that want the perilous pleasure
embedded in the temporal taste like honey
but a final feel of eternal teeth gnashing

Above all lies one virtue
that says only what's true
that acts like a fool
and is never rude.
that truly defines you
that leads in what you are to do
that cares and wants to help
that loves been true
that loves been good
that owns everything good
so what is that virtue?

Don't presume, it is love.

Egi David Perdana 02 October 2008

no one people have the real love, all the fools,

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Caterpillar MC 01 October 2008

This poem explains not just the need for love, but the importance of love as well. Great poem

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Al Ramos 01 October 2008

Great poem, though the searching never stops for that one virtue

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Rakhi Jayashankar 01 October 2008

Above all lies one virtue bright thought backed with well put together explanation 10+

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Joseph Poewhit 27 September 2008

Virtue has a lot to do with love - it makes it more sacred

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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

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