Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 547 Points (22 September / London)

Why Wait For Fate To Raise A Finger - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

You want it here and now? Why wait on fate
to raise a finger? Act before too late.
Time's bird is on the wing in headlong flight,
leaves from life's book tears at swift heartbeat rate.

One's cup of tea may not be to all taste,
past history's stale news, hopes challenge waste,
accomplishment provides soul's rhapsody
from spiral twirl, unfurl flag, flag not raced..

Time to escape, drop nightshade drape; fresh air
sheds strings, red tape of every shape, prepare.
for future fair, spurn tale_spin gravity:
'take current when it serves', of sloth beware.

Life's licence take, stage prison-break, break loose.
Of block, fresh flake, for heaven's sake reduce
cooked goose with opportunities ignored -
spurn heart ache, shiver, shake, skills put to use.

Get set! insist 'I won't regret', insightful
chip off old block, unlock trump cards delightful.
Who once lay low may grow, sun follows showers,
take stock, rock boat becalmed by fears full frightful.

Decisions take, don't quiver, quake, abused,
leave muck most rake, host luck, hay make, enthused.
Life's piece of cake, not pain, heartbreak, hope's scope
accelerates from brake self self-accused.

Doubts purge, splurge out, don't pine or pout, refuse
all who submerge their aims, self maim. Fears lose!
Fast joys that last expel tears past, disguises
drop, see prize is self-confidence wit woos.

Forget hard times, from prose to rhymes switch, sure
light seeds delight quite free from fright restore
moods poor, pain reign's downpour, fools feeble who,
no more expect, reject upbeat encore!

Time to rebound, with instincts sound, now, brave,
goals gain unswamped by terror's tidal wave,
from hurts that hound heart, thoughts disbound, bounce back
despite life’s slings and arrows, motives save.

From sleepy head, depressed in bed, ensure
cheered frame of mind, cares left behind, secure
in self-acceptance which provides fresh start
self-confidence unlocks fault's keyless door.

Don't hedge your bets, glad sad regrets turns soon,
don't sit on fence in self defense, life's boon
whose inner fire inspires desire, condemns
suspicions through decisions opportune.

From vain complain move on again, see sea’s
brimful of fish, each one delish, so seize
the day, look sharp, don't carp, sad fate bewail,
chance offers all, go have a ball: hope frees!

Where once distraught in heart or thought, trust must
displace dust, fuss, vain cuss, to boom from bust
move on to more - unseen before - replace.
past inner trial with smile serene, joy just.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Rubaiyat variant of poem entitled Break Free, Have a Ball (24 February 2014)

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 24, 2014

Poem Edited: Thursday, February 27, 2014

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