Why We Worship God Poem by Bob Gotti

Why We Worship God

The reason why we worship God, all across the lands we trod,
Are found in God’s Only Son, and for all us, what He has done.
Above all, Christ is our Creator, not to mention, He’s our Savior.
And everything in our life, is sustained by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We partake of an inheritance, along with a heavenly residence,
From God’s Riches up above, secured for ever by Christ’s Love.
We’re delivered from this darkness, and into God’s Eternal bliss,
From the darkness of this night, to reign forever in Christ’s Light.

We are conveyed into a Kingdom, one from Christ soon to come,
To live forever with God my friend, in a Kingdom that will not end.
By Christ we’ve been redeemed, and now by God are esteemed,
For now belonging to Jesus Christ, we receive from Him New Life.

We’ve been forgiven of all our sin, and receive a new heart within,
A new heart to follow Jesus Christ, this because He paid the price.
In Christ we have reconciliation, with God above thru His salvation,
For it is the Blood of Jesus Christ, that reconciles every single life.

We’re presented in His Righteousness, without spot or blemishes,
To God the Father, up above, pure and holy through Christ’s Love.
These above and many more, are why we worship Christ our Lord,
When you place in Him your trust, you’ll too, worship along with us.

The True Nature of Worship 18 September 2018

Excellent explanation of why we worship God. It is in Christ Jesus the Messiah we can come to the Heavenly Father to worship in spirit and in truth.

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Jeff Hobbs 10 August 2006

Needs a nice little tune to go with it....

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