Why? Why Me Poem by Kholekile Monakali

Why? Why Me

People think I'm a Snob because I'm too shy.
What must I do, go on top of the mountain
and talk to everyone, oh! ! my voice is too
down could you please borrow me a loud
speaker so that everyone could hear me out.

I'm nothing to what they label me
I love people, I live with people,
I believe in the UBUNTU concept
which reveals that human is a human
for human by the humans, But I cannot
change my character just to please
everybody, Why not accept Me as I am.

I believe that no problem can be changed
until it is faced but not every problem that is
faced can be changed.

All I can say is my arms are open to
embrace anyone because of a Big Heart.

Katherine Ng Li Hoon 04 September 2008

From all poems that I read written by you, I believe you indeed has a big heart.So, you do not have to care what others label you as.I will give you my full support.

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Pandora Chaos 29 August 2008

well personally i think ur an awsome person an a very sweet guy. there is nothin wrong with bein shy..... u r perfect the way u r now, an u should never change the way u r for someone else. if they dont love u for u then u dont need them in ur life. i like u the way u r an i would never ask u to change. love ya buddy...

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