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There are three ways to prevent HIV/AIDS
Rather be sorry afterwards, follow the ABC
of safer sex!

Where is Nationalism, Solidarity, Socialism?
All I see are the Civil wars, we are fighting
together for power, demoralizing our people.

God does not love us
Because we are special
But, we are special because
God loves us.

If you desire an hour's
Happiness take a nap.
If you desire a day's
Happiness go fishing.

A true friend is someone who knows
the song in your heart and can sing
it to you when you forgotten the words.

I have spread my dreams under
your feet, tread softly because
you tread on my dreams.
I draw life from you just by mere

To be what you want to be, be like a bee.
If a bee wasted its time comparing its big
body with its small light wings, it would not
be flying today.

This land of remembrance
This land of no-more-history
This land of the dead
My land your land our land

A Word is capable of anything
It is capable of changing enemies
into friends.
It is capable of penetrating


Sex is not something to be scared of.
it’s a normal, natural expression of love
between two people.
And it is fun and it’s great for stress

I still could not believe that
We are over.
I wish I was blind so that I could not
See you walk away.

Education is the key to success.
Education is the gold mine that-
Will never runs out of Gold.
Education is the most powerful

The blood of a gangster
Spilled down.
Seems no one cares as if no one's

A role model is someone
Whom you always want to be.
Someone who gives you hope
When you are down.


A men was born free but,
Now he is on chains.
God made all things alright
But, they became evil in the hands of men.

All our young lives we
Search for someone
To love.
Someone to who makes

People think I'm a Snob because I'm too shy.
What must I do, go on top of the mountain
and talk to everyone, oh! ! my voice is too
down could you please borrow me a loud

The big tree has fallen, leaving
Million people crying for its well
Known shade, that makes you
Feel so relieved when you are under it.

There is no art to find
The minds construction
By mere looking on face.

You are my sunshine
When clouds are dark.
You are my shoulder to cry.
You are my walking stick when

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Currently I'm a student, I read and write poems, I write my own poems so in these poems I have got intellectual rights because they are my intellectual property, anyone who forge and make poeple beleive that he/she wrote these poems all by him/her self will be guilty of piracy, fraud and misrepresentation and forgery, so please people let us promote one another. thanxs.! ! ! !)

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Abc Of Safer Sex

There are three ways to prevent HIV/AIDS
Rather be sorry afterwards, follow the ABC
of safer sex!


This means not having sex, not having sex at
all can be very difficult for many people.
You could choose a different kind of sexual
expression such as masturbation either on
your own or with your partner.


Only have sex with your own partner.
If you break-up or find a new partner,
you need to know that that person does
not have an STI or HIV then you needs
to trust each other for life.
Be honest and tell your partner if you
are unfaithful so that your partner can
be protected by using a condom.


Use condoms,
If you can not manage without having sex
If you have more than one partner
If you don’t know whether your partner is faithful to you
If you think your partner might have STIs or HIV

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