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A cheerful lady who loves poems, music! ! !

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Otaku_ Nature Lover Cshy 04 September 2008

Short description.... Nvm... please give a little more info... ne? onee- chan.....

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The Best Poem Of Katherine Ng Li Hoon

My Unique Lover

Despite against all odds,
Despite my broken heart,
Despite my longing for you,
No one deserve my love like you do.

Without any rules,
Without any regulations,
Without any obligations,
I will love you the way you are.

Though I lost sight of you,
Though I lost your warm touches,
Though I lost your passionate smile.
Nevertheless I love you dearly from within.

Regardless where you are,
Regardless how you are,
Regardless of what you've done.
You are my only unique, irreplaceable true love.

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Katherine Ng Li Hoon Popularity

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