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Everyday is a struggle
Each day harder then the last
A voice deep down inside taunting me
Telling me to relieve the pain, the stress

When I was just 18 months old
My real father left me
You stepped up
And raised me as your own child

Every night, after each day that goes by,
I lie awake in my bed feeling weak;
Emotionally, mentally, physically.

I cut myself
I want to run away
I want to kill myself
All the devil’s doings

You are my light
When I’m surrounded
In darkness.
You are my courage

It's like living in hell.
Constant torture
Gruesome smells.
Death paints the

Staring at my wrists,
All the lines are twists.

Blood creeping out,

Deep down
Locked away,
In a small beaten box
Wrapped with rusted chains,

Not be able to talk
to you in a week has
torn me down.


Fate gave me a wonderful gift
And i love him so much.
I'm brave enough to admit
That i'm vulnerable now.


I live on the verge of death
Like russian roulette,
With a blade and my veins.

Not only did i feel it
But heard my heart
Shatter as it hit the ground.
Betrayal was the weapon you

Not only did i felt it but heard my heart shatter
as it hit the ground betrayal was the weapon
you chose to ruin us both.

When u ripped my heart out,
Could u feel it?
The pain beating in within it,
The screams echoing as it bleeds.

Haunted by what could've been.
If only i'd known he was the one.
Signs present itself only to be ignored
By selfish arrogants.

Tainted Mind

My mind runs wild with hope
Held back by chains of life.

Every days a battle,
Another days a risk.
Everythings stacked against us.
Any second it could go all wrong,

He and him are two different men.
Choose one to lose the other.
How had i gotten so lost?
Blinded by both their

I'm tired of being someone i'm not
I'm tired of pleasing everyone
I'm tired of people controlling me
Telling me what to do

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http: // bookid=92088 Hi my name is victoria, im 19 yrs old. im a freshman in college. I love 2 listen 2 music like 24/7 lol. I like all kinds of music except church music. my favorite singer is akon and avril lavgine. My favorite band is nickleback. I wrote my 1st poem in may 2007. I'm a negative thinking, i have a habit of seeing the glass half empty, lol. My real dad left my mom when she was pregnant with me. He wanted my mom 2 get an abortion cuz he wasnt ready 2 b a father, lol. Anyways my mom didnt cuz if she did i wouldnt b writing this rite now, lol. I have best friends. My best friend is Sky and kyle. They r always there 4 me when i need them. Wat kind of movies do i like? I like fiction movies. movies with magic in it, or dragons, or vampires, and ganster movies. My favorite movies r all the Blade movies, Eragon, Buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, Blood in and blood out, Stand and deliver, American me etc. Anyways if u wan2 know more about me feel free 2 ask. I will answer them as honestly as i can ^_^)

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Everyday is a struggle
Each day harder then the last
A voice deep down inside taunting me
Telling me to relieve the pain, the stress
To do what I am prohibit
To cut myself
I try to ignore it
But it gets stronger and stronger
Its my worst fear yet
I gave in, I start to cut
Seconds later I’m in pain
I let myself down
I gave in to my fear
I let it take control of me
The voice deep down inside
Everyday is a struggle
Each day harder then the last

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Clarissa Tobey 20 August 2008

you should not put yourself down! ! !

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