With All Due Respect To Eckhart Tolle

Some time ago, I read the Power of Now;
Except then,
It was Now,
Although Now with my pen,
I am writing about Then.

This poem is Now,
But tomorrow in Now
Will be Yesterday.
And Yesterday in Now is Today
So neither Yesterday,
Nor Tomorrow exist
And the ephemeral Now -
- Is just a major cash cow.
Which is okay by me
In our economy free.

So, what about the Power of Then?
Or the Power of Men?
Or the Power of Zen?
Or, the Power of When...?

If When is Then,
Because only Now exists
Then “When” does not exist -
- Except as “Then, ”
And is called “Now.”

Call it what you may,
“Now’s” different every day.
It’s a question of perspective.
But to think of that
And try to have a chat,
Is like trying to catch
A frightened cat.

“Come now, lad, ” says our common sense man.
“Now is now; then is then; when is when; and
Tomorrow will be and yesterday was.
When will you learn?
They all have power in their turn.”


Copyright © 2009 by Jonathan Sion. All rights reserved.

Alex Lewis 28 June 2009

Although I do not know Eckhart Tolle (unfortunately) , your poem paints a nice picture of him for me to enjoy.

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Shweta Advani 28 June 2009

Hey, I have really liked the book power of now, this book completely changed my perspective towards life, n loved ur poem too...i have also written a poem'thoughtless mind' which is inspired by the power of now...hope u will like it..: -)

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