Words Can... Poem by Clive Blake

Words Can...

Words can implore, words can plead,
Words can fail, but also succeed,
Words can empower, when at their best,
Can help to clear, what is on your chest,
Words can soar and words can plunge,
Words can embrace and words can lunge,
Words can hurt and words can kill,
But words of peace, are stronger still,
Words can be shallow, words can be deep,
Words can even help you to get to sleep,
Words can inspire you, or invite you to dream,
Can take you to places, where you've never been,
Words can start wars, that they cannot easily stop,
Can cause West End plays to succeed, or even to flop,
Words can be helpful, give you direction in life,
Can help secure a union, between man and wife,
Words can be spoken quickly, or maybe slow,
Like a river's rhythmic, and ever changing flow,
The truth can be spoken, but so can a lie,
Words can enlighten you, or perhaps just mystify,
Words can confuse, words can even scheme,
Simple words may not be what, at first they might seem,
It is words, not dogs, that are Man's best friend,
For they will remain faithful until the bitter end,
For words can inform and words can impress,
Sometimes much more can be said, with a lot less,
Words can capture your heart, make you feel free,
When put in the right order, they can form poetry,
Words can summon angels, or be devil-may-care,
Words can come singly, or joined as a pair,
Words can embellish, words can belittle,
Words are robust and supple, not weak or brittle,
Words can be cruel and words can be kind,
They need your guidance, for all words are blind,
Words can be thrown away, or treasured for life,
Can be as soft as a pillow, or as sharp as a knife,
Words can be shouted in public, or whispered while alone,
They can be forever silent, on paper and stone,
Words can be invented, words can be brand new,
Words can conflasculate … which they often do!

Words Can...
Friday, April 24, 2020
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This poem is included in Clive Blake's Book/eBook 'Clive's Uni-Verse - A Cornishman's take on life', published in Jan 2022 by Olympia Publishers.
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