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Words From A Father - Poem by Mouse dude

Words from a Father

I imagine that you're growing up strong now...
Within the values you're mother has given you
Teaching you how to find yourself
finding purpose in all that you do

There are some things I want you to know about life

Things that I have learnt along the way

I wrote them down for you to read

And to practice them day by day

This list is by no means complete

As I discover every day

But it's a start of a bigger journey

Just some truths I discovered on the way

When you look in the mirror

What do you see in that reflection?

Do you see a beauty that lives inside you

Or other people's projections

From the moment you are born

To the day you move on

you must always be at peace with your view

You are beautiful, captured in song

Always be equal with others

Never hate and never look down

Others may throw their reflection at you

But look at your own so you don't drown

There are people who struggle with who they are

And their mirror is hidden from view

You must always accept them for who they are becoming

As they lean on the strength found in you

Always see the good in others

Let your words be spoken with truth and honour

Never compare your journey to theirs

With your words and actions, make people stronger

When you find that special someone

That makes you feel all funny inside

Make sure they accept your reflection

Without feeling you have to hide

When someone extents their hand for help

Never turn your back and push them away

The same hand that is asking for help from you

May offer it back to you one day

Never hold onto the past

Never embrace it in unforgiveness

You can't embrace the future

In a cloud of unfinished business

I love you more than words can ever say

But this I know is true

This world is a better place

there's a light that shines from you

I'm a distance away from you now

But I'm never far away

I talk about you to the world and they listen

How proud I am of you every day.

Some of these I have learned

Some I still have to master

But learn them while you're young

... Just some words from a father

Topic(s) of this poem: father, father and son, parents

Form: Acrostic

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A view of a father who cannot see his son.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, June 9, 2017

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