Words Unspoken Poem by jack green

Words Unspoken

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I hate to leave like this, with an ache to move on i cant resist.
Its just some things are better unsaid, an empty heart needs to be fed.
So i hit the road to where i dont know, with heavy heart and empty soul.
Following the shoulder of a no name road, this lost highway is now my abode.
A painful wind fills my sails, mornful memories never pales.
Don't know if am a curse or the cursed, not quiet sure which is worse.
The cold is now my friend, it waits for me where this highway ends.
So on i go as long as it last, searching for something long sense past.
As i cross the valley of the shadow of death, i walk on without rest.
Now that its over i discovered for what i yearned, i now understand the deep burn.
Through all the pain and hearts broken, things left unsaid should be spoken.

Sara Fielder 04 January 2012

Powerful last line and a great poem overall!

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Silentpoet Grl 27 December 2011

Great poem! Many really good lines and the poem had a great movement to it! Great job!

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jack green

jack green

Chattanooga, Tennessee
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