Written In The Stars Poem by jack green

Written In The Stars

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As the gentle southern rain softly whispers of you.
The ache i carry deep in my heart washes over me
Just once more to see those green eyes of beautiful hue
Staring right back at me, oh the changes you will see.
Gone is the child, grown is the man who finally understands.
The price to pay for running wild will leave such silent scares.
You left this world too soon to see the boy become a man.
If only I could change the past rewrite whats written in the stars

Louis Cecile 09 March 2012

A wonderful descriptive poem that flows effortlessly to a powerful last line. Excellent 10!

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Hans Vr 01 February 2012

Wow, Jack, this is a great piece of art. The strong feeling of wanting to meet with a deceased one, so wonderfully expressed. So many things, so many events, we cannot understand in this world. Bitter can be the pain, but if we manage to be grateful for what has been rather than resentful for what is no longer, the pain and regrets can get a sweet appearance. It is good to realise that our close relatives forgive us always immediately what we did wrong, even without us asking for forgiveness. Realising this we will be able to forgive also ourselves and we will make place for sweet memories, pushing away the bitter grief.

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Ben Burger 20 January 2012

The poem is beautiful. I can only agree with what past comments have said....running wild will leave such silent scares. This is the line that captivated me the most, and make it offically a great poem.

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Silentpoet Grl 13 January 2012

this is a really beautiful poem... i especially love the first couple of lines... but the whole write is really great!

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Eric Cockrell 13 January 2012

a sentiment a lot of us have felt, im my case often!

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jack green

jack green

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