jack green Poems

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My Coat

Rough is this coat i wear soiled and torn from to many falls.
A cold shadow casts me forward as a flame consumes the wick.
This numb existence i possess stares at reckless abandon because.
Of to many choices ignored while being delivered mistakes picked.

Cherokee Prayer

The sun slowly rises in the east as the morning mist gives way.
The generations gathered to celerbrate the cycles, to feast, dance and pray.
Our fathers kept tradition all arrived to this same hallowed ground.
Like all of their fathers before brave yet peaceful and profound.

Too Old For Tears

Many are days weeks and years.
Now am too old for salty tears.
Sadness replaced the youthful dreams.
Lost time won the battle to me it seems.

Written In The Stars

As the gentle southern rain softly whispers of you.
The ache i carry deep in my heart washes over me
Just once more to see those green eyes of beautiful hue
Staring right back at me, oh the changes you will see.


To have and hold more precious than gold.
Waste not and want not is what has been told.
Beware of the wicked have faith till the end.
Count all of your blessings cherish your friends.

Barren Is The Vine

The cracked cobblestone memories, are heavy with time.
As are the wrinkles, on my once young face.
Carved by the years, burned by the sun, barren is the vine.
Cold fingers now reap the harvest, of this empty place.

The Weight

Baring the weight of burden, carried deep in my soul.
Searching for passage to wisdom, not once hearing the bell toll.
Peering through eyes filled with visions, of mistakes made long ago.
Caught by a blistering whirlwind, scorching me from within.

The Truth

Truth is a word with only one meaning.
Twisted at times half told not ringing.
Wrestled from doubt showing the wear.
Crippled from use without even a care.

Tortured Soul

I find myself at loss in doubt.
Is it worse or better?
Do I have a clue what its all about?
And does it really matter?

My Youth

I remember smell of honeysuckle in the soft morning breeze.
The shimmering sun dancing on the lake and piercing the trees.
So varied are the colors the Autumn leaves will make the eye strain.
From beauty not contained, peaceful the sound of softly falling rain

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