Worry Is Not Your Pet... Poem by Kirti Sharma

Worry Is Not Your Pet...

Hold on to your worry..
And take it to an open space.
Let it fly away from you,
Because that's not your pet
And sure will not come back...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: faith
Colleen Courtney 06 May 2014

What a wonderful thought, just throwing our worries to the and and let them drift away to never return. Nicely done!

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Gajanan Mishra 06 May 2014

really wonderful, not your pet, I like it.

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Rigzen Angmo 22 November 2015

Aptly put together!

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Akhtar Jawad 03 July 2014

A lovely idea. You reminded me a story heard in the childhood. They were probably Vishnu and Luxmi roaming in the market in human disguise. Luxmi saw two adjacent shops. One was rushed by the customers and the other was waiter of customers. Luxmi objected and asked Vishnu to do some thing for the poor shopkeeper. Vishnu knew that Luxmi will ask him to do a favor so he had already made their actual view and voice open for the rich and busy shopkeeper. He said all right from tomorrow the customers will rush on the poor man's shop. After their departure the clever rich shopkeeper went to the poor shopkeeper and asked him to get shops changed. The poor shopkeeper happily exchanged the shop. Next day they came again in the market, Luxmi said the situation is the same. Visnu smiled and said see the poor shop keeper is now sitting in the busy shop. i know you mean when we tell about our worries to our well wishers or we change the surroundings we get a relief.

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Saurav Singh 06 May 2014

: -) nice poem

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Saurav Singh 06 May 2014

Its always better to let go of your worries than to be chained by them later on.

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Francis Wanyiri 06 May 2014

worry should never live with us... nice one...

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