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I sit to pen down my thoughts,
the cries, while smile, of my soul.
The sorrow it carries inside,
All the pains and regrets and the hard times.

Do you even know,
how it feels?
When you are by my side,
I can't breathe.


Today, I won't let the outsiders to disturb my internal peace.
Today, for somebody else's life, I won't hurry.
Today, i'll take out this feeling of jealousy.
Today, i'll value my presence in this universe.

I don't want to live with your memories, my whole life.
I want to live with you, if you know, by my side.

I don't want to live with my eyes closed, black and white.

Poet's ideas flows along the wind,
touching every heart's corner,
touching the mourns and slavery.
Every idea and thought

Hold on to your worry..
And take it to an open space.
Let it fly away from you,
Because that's not your pet

Sad memories of a life
teaches one
how to write.
The inner conflicts,

The wind will dry my tears,
And no one will see it,
Only a smile on my face,
Which seems so real.

I think he knows,
the seed of his love in me, grows..
and every time i look at him
i wish if he could just smile..

When your memories surrounds me,
I close my eyes.
I find myself in your arms,
wrapped up in your safe love,

Lost in the city crowd
lost in their noise
I like it being lost
I like it no one can recognize.

Happiness knocked at your door before it could knock at mine.
You got your part of color from the rainbow, I am still colorblind.
And you hold on to your cheerful day, a bright light has shown.
mine its still dark, the day, the feelings, the people still mourn.

I've felt your heart beat,
it takes a name, my name.
And every beat of your heart
matches my heart beat.

There doesn't lie the bird
on her nest, she hasn't given birth...
Flying with the other
collecting twigs and constructing home...

I am a leaf
a dry beautiful leaf,
I am taken with the breeze
to my lovely dream.

Blind fold my eyes,
and your hand in mine,
my steps in your shadow,
yes i can walk,

I think
The world is small and the ideas are big,
Thoughts are short and long are the speeches.
I think the year is reduced by the plans we make,

No, don't you ever say,
don't you ever leave me like that,
Say no one cares the way you do,
and no one hurts more then you do,

This is how it grows..

Like two droplets in river we flow..

Only God knows how much I am missing you..
And so,
he'll end this yearning soon.

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Tale Of My Pen

I sit to pen down my thoughts,
the cries, while smile, of my soul.
The sorrow it carries inside,
All the pains and regrets and the hard times.
Suddenly, my pen stops working..
had lived a full life,
coming to its end,
now it says good bye.
The same tale tells my mind,
finish this thought and move on,
and I close my book,
thinking that everything is over,
its time for me to sleep forever.

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Akhtar Jawad 01 May 2014

The factors and elements that make someone a great poet of love and tragedy are all reflected in the poems. A promising great poet/poetess I read today. I don't believe in forecasts but I calculate that someone great is crawling and imagine the standard of the poems when the child will start running.

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Ketan Sharma 25 April 2014

woww yaar bahot acchi hain teri poems :))

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Fabrizio Frosini 22 July 2015

I add a ''LIKE'' for your well penned writes.. Keep on writing! Stay blessed

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Charity Nduhiu 15 July 2014

A way out is just to start thinking about others and help them, that way you will also get a solution to your problems. Nice poem. thanks for commenting in my poem

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Charity Nduhiu 15 July 2014

Very good poem. Keep up Sharma

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Dharthisha Naidu 16 May 2014

very well written.. very heart felt.

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Little was the love... Little was in me, inside.. Little did i know.. U were always by my side..

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