Writing A Poem Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants Poem by Shafeeq C P

Writing A Poem Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

The sea isn't calm today and the minds are
In pestilence-stricken multitudes
When things fall apart and
The centre cannot hold.
Dull days of long pauses
And the hours not shining in use,
And the dancer is identified from dance
When a terrible beauty is born,
When intellectual disgrace
Stares from every human face
When those in the realm of stupidity
Never deviate into sense
The things which I have seen
I now can see no more, and
With the polite meaningless words
There come thoughts that
Do often lie too deep for tears,
The patients etherized upon the table
Fall upon the thorns of life
And bleed echoing homo fuge,
And many an ear can hear
The time's winged chariot hurrying near!

Amidst the turbid ebb and flow
Of human misery,
Though far from the madding crowd,
In a world that is too much with us
Where madness in great ones go unwatched,
To drink the life to the lees, and
To hold Infinity in the palm of my hand,
And to sing in full-throated ease,
I flew on the viewless wings of Poesy
Felt in blood and felt along the heart
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield
With the hope that 'if winter comes
Can spring be far behind? '
Either to wake or sleep
Till I drink the milk of Paradise!

C P Shafeeq
26 August 2020

Wednesday, August 26, 2020
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Jazib Kamalvi 26 August 2020

Write comment. Such a nice poem, C P Shafeeq. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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