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They may come to you
As the swarms to a candle
Or go away from you
As the dry leaves from a tree;

A virus can change your life
As it is with the humanity now;
And that created a new world order
Where paradoxes rule

You keep on changing
Your profile
As often as you can.
Is there really something new?

A good friend
Is like a good tree
Grown slowly
With deep roots

During a cool weekend,
Me the expatriate
Slept in for hours
As lonely as I could

The sea isn't calm today and the minds are
In pestilence-stricken multitudes
When things fall apart and
The centre cannot hold.

On my fortieth birthday,
Looking through the window
In a distant land,
I saw a father and son

As I sipped tea
from the cup,
the cup
sipped from my life!

The poet that said
'Blessed are those
Who love solitude'
Inspired me.

Let's go, you and I,
And die fighting injustice
In a distant land.

I am cow,
The controversy on
My identity needs clarification.

The Moon you see
During the day or night,
The first night
Or the fourteenth night,

You struck the arrow that broke
My heart's surface into small pieces,
My blood oozed to page and screen,
The eyes around me read and wept.

Too much thought on tomorrow
Tortures today's taste.

It's an uncertain tomorrow

I have asked every leaf of solitude
About the secret of this loneliness.

The blue leaves of solitude said:

When the trodden path is covered with muddy water,
It's time to go for the untrodden ones.

Reading and rereading the generation books


When the cool breeze pierces into
The realms of heart beats,
The unknown chambers
Are chilled and calm.

My eyes need more tears
To laugh
To cry.
My room needs more air

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Your Role

They may come to you
As the swarms to a candle
Or go away from you
As the dry leaves from a tree;
But you being both a candle and a tree
Should either burn to the last flames
Or blossom as usual
With the least concern
About their entrances and exits!

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MUHIEDDIN 04 February 2021

Brilliant, touchable and up to date.

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