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Wrong Way, Right Reason - Poem by GingerKat Writers

As I slit my wrist, I relished the thoughts of being reunited with my soulmate. Life as I had known it, drastically changed. My life was stolen from my soul. Hearing the news of your demise, sent me into vertigo. Being told I didn't love you enough, sent me into shock. I wanted nothing more than to love you forever. For this reason, I have found my excuse. I will see you in a moment, as I slip through unconsciousness. I have read Dante Alighieri at least three times. I know I will never be recycled. I'm the lost soul, which is dying inside the 'Suicide Trees'. I wish to sacrifice the flesh, to feed my desires. Another sin I will concede to. I feel you are worth it, and my love is strong. I believe you would do the same for me. I see the darkness brightly. It's so dark, it's blinding. I feel a pulling and tugging through the process. Quickly being sucked into an unknown direction. There is true light up ahead. It's looking somewhat yellow. 'What causes you to run down this path? Who's chasing your conscience? ', bellowed an echoed voice. 'I'm not running from anything. I'm voyaging to! ', I replied. The conversation ceased, but I continued to travel. I feel nausea and fright. It's a lethal combination from blood loss. I can't understand why I can still feel. I must be dying slowly. Is this what he felt like, to die? Was it a painful and lasting death? Was it quick, with no thought at all? I hear music. It's faint and distant. It's resembling Beyonce's 'Dangerously In Love'. It's reminding me more of you. Confirming my decision is warranted. There is a cold front, just below my knees. It's a continued chill. I cant feel my feet any longer. 'Have you found who you're looking for? '. Are you sure they're here? ' asked the same voice from before. I boasted, 'Oh yes, Im sure I'm on the correct path! ' By now, all should be reached. Still, I feel the chill. It's rushing through the rest of my body, at warp speed. I don't understand the consciousness. Why am I able to feel both physically and emotionally? There is a sign up ahead. I can't make out what it says. My vision is blurry and I feel the dilation. As I squinted, I read:

Northeast, into the sun.
Ask what to bring, while on
the run.
Turn left, and lick rocks.
Use the exit, where you collect stocks.
Remind yourself, calm and cool.
Assertiveness, your only tool.
Look deep into skies.

Coconut cream pies.
A secret lurks, the key is hidden.
Useless chatter of clue's forbidden.
Stand firm, all on your own.
Enigmatic meaning of acrostic poem.

Now is it worth it for me to be dead?

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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