David Floren

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Xenophanes’ Take On E Pluribus Unum

Poem by David Floren

Out of plenty
Emerges unity.
Coin of the realm:
Out of many, one.

Out of mystery
Wanders simplicity.
Out of time
To ponder infinity.

Out of time
To confuse the punch
Of God’s solution to
Gods upon gods.

Out of gods.

Out of here
With odd gods.
Out of gods’ diverse
Names to smear.

Insofar as
Diverse emerges
Out of perverse,
Monotheism pioneered
The word “perversion.”

Bring forth science
And lightning rods!
God reverse engineered,
Out of gods.

Out of focused spite –
To get ye gods
The hell
Out of here.

Out of god’s
To punctuate
Out the gods.

All His obsession
With all His possession
From all small g’s

I guess all those
caboose apostrophes
Can’t glue us
Like His couplers.

Save that before ess
God bless. God bless
Us all before we’re done
Out of many, one.

[5-18-05 Santa Rosa, CA (revision 1-30-08 Livermore, CA) ]

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 30, 2008